1point5 – Helping you keep Social Distance.

1.5 assists you with social distancing. The app scans for nearby mobile devices and it warns you when a device enters your 1.5 meter parameter. The phone vibrates and a pop-up appears. The pop up contains a graphic that can be shown to the other person. It is a friendly reminder that aims to defuse the situation.

This is a social distancing app and it works using Bluetooth. Devices of family members and so forth can be excluded. The parameter can be adjusted from a minimum of 1.5 meters up to 4 meters, depending on your preference or local regulation. 1.5 aims to help stop the spread of COVID-19. It is not full proof.

Please follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and your local government.

Check the website: https://onepointfive.app/

On the news:

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Music Hack Day – Amsterdam 2014

Music Hack Day!


Together with 3 other friends: Renan Gonçalves, Renato Cavallari and Emerson Estrela we participate to this fantastic HackDay.

Everything stared on Saturday 9:00 and finished on Sunday 15:00 non-stop 3o hours of hacking and having really a lot of fun!

#ADE14 GenresThe result of the 30 hours this time was a bit less than what we expected, but we build a nice one-page-app to help #ADE14 (Amsterdam Dance Event) users find their favourite Artists based on Genre.
Check the DEMO!


ADE14 Genres


Our presentation

Funny time-lapse videos