Kings of Code – Hackbattle Amsterdam 2014 #TNW2014

Well done fellows!

I want to say: Big thanks to Renan Goncalves, Renato Cavallari and Emerson Estrela.

140 seconds Twitter hashtag race

Together we created: 140 seconds Twitter hashtag race

In this top-down racing game, players can only propel their vehicles using trending hashtags on Twitter. Select a popular keyword and, over the next 140 seconds, the car will inch forward with every new tweet that contains the chosen hashtag. Finally, a way to settle the age-old question: #Android or #iOS?

See the Youtube DEMO Video.

Our presentation

Some photos of the event

Kings of Code Hack Battle – Amsterdam 2012

KOC - Kings of Code 2013For the first time ever, me and two geeks friends RenasBoy & @renan_saddam decided to go for the Hack Battle in Amsterdam!

Objective: Build a hack in 30 hours!!!

Result: 30 hours non-stop of hard work and a lot of fun, and of course our Spotify application TWM (Travel with music)



The result is here: Spotify APP – Travel with music:

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