Renato Luis Cardoso

Email: re2005 – gmail.com
Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Birth: March 2nd 1980, Sao Paulo – Brazil
Nationality: Portuguese/Brazilian

Portfolio: https://notfound.com.br
Twitter: https://twitter.com/re2005
GitHub: https://github.com/re2005

Coroflot: http://www.coroflot.com/re2005
Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/re2005
Designspiration: http://designspiration.net/re2005/
Freelancer.nl: http://www.freelancer.nl/renatocardoso
Instagram: http://instagram.com/re2005

Photography SXC: http://www.sxc.hu/profile/renato2004



Hi! My name is Renato Cardoso, 40 years old, I was born in São Paulo and I’m currently living in Amsterdam.

As a self taught person, I’m always very eager to learn about new technologies and always interested about cutting edge technologies for WEB.


Self taught, creative, agile, accomplished, organised, humorous, transparent



Skill Level: 1 to 5
Photostop 4
Javascript 4
Angular 3
ReactJs 2
Facebook API 3
jQuery 3
Bootstrap 4
Less/Sass 3
UX 4
UI 4
After Effects 3
Flash 4
ActionScript 3
WordPress 4
Scrum 5
Git 4


  • +20 years of experience in a professional web agency environment
  • +15 years of experience in web development team and project management using Scrum Methodology
  • Advanced knowledge in Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Web standards, SEO, Cross-browsing,
  • Mobile Web APP development
  • Less/Sass and other processed CSS frameworks
  • jQuery, Angular, ReactJS, RequireJS
  • WordPress theme development
  • More than ten years of experience in Adobe package(Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash)
  • Good interpersonal skills with the team

Work Experience

Side projects:
I’m fascinated for web and specially to build web apps, no only inside the office I also like to make side projects as well participate in hack-battles events.

Project: HTML5 Game X-lab – September 2014
Together with a good friend Renato Cavallari in less than a month we create from scratch this simple fun game using Phaser.io framework

Project: Kings of code – 2014 (Twitter Prize)

I want to say: Big thanks to Renan Goncalves, Renato Cavallari and Emerson Estrela.

140 seconds Twitter hashtag race Together we created: 140 seconds Twitter hashtag race

In this top-down racing game, players can only propel their vehicles using trending hashtags on Twitter.
Select a popular keyword and, over the next 140 seconds, the car will inch forward with every new tweet that contains the chosen hashtag. Finally, a way to settle the age-old question: #Android or #iOS?


Project: Kings of code – 2013

Once again we’re there!!! Was awesome and we rock!!! (at least in my imagination, haha)
Well done we build 3 projects: Hot-Hot-Potato,  ColabIN, and Mobile Drums.

Project: Kings of code 2012

Kings of Code Hack Battle – Amsterdam 2012

For the first time ever, me and two geeks friends RenasBoy &@renan_saddam decided to go for the Hack Battle in Amsterdam!
Objective: Build a hack in 30 hours!!!
Result: 30 hours non-stop of hard work and a lot of fun, and of course our Spotify application TWM (Travel with music)


As employee:

Company: BoosterMedia – Amsterdam/Netherlands (June 2013 – Present)
Position: UX, UI,  Frontend developer

My responsibility is to build and maintain games portal for around 15 million users/month.

What I do here goes from UI, UX, front-end development. From June 2013 to now I really improved my javascript skills and everything about building multi-device, cross-browsers web-apps/portals. User interface, Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Javascript are my strengths here. Some of our client portals I’m taking care of: Yahoo Japan, Vodafone, T-mobile, and many other big media companies.

Company:Independent IP (IIP) BV  – Amsterdam/Netherlands (August 2011 – May 2013)
Position: Print Design, UX, Frontend developer

He joins the company from Brazil where he studied Computer Science, shortly after the internet craze hit Brazil in 1996. He later worked as an Art Director with several internet companies located in Brazil, Portugual, Italy and Holland. Renato’s passion for computers, radio control models and graphic design combined with his love for music andbicycles, provides IIP with the expertise needed to help create new guidelines for our software interfaces. Recently relocated to Amsterdam, we’ve already seen his talent and dedication hard at work. We’re as excited to have him on board as he is to be to here.


Company: TintTotaal – Amsterdam/Netherlands (Since September/2010)
Position: Web Designer

One of does my responsibility was build the new website. At that time the big challenge of the company was build a website very easy to be indexed by Google also to be in first positions on search results., also easy to use. Then i used all my expertise with XHTML / CSS and SEO, to made a quickly load time pages. The results, was really good, in comparation with one year ago, we increase two times the organic visitor, reducing investments with AdWords.

Company: AllinMedia – Sao Paulo/BR (November/2008 at April/2009)
Position: Art Director
Summary: Responsible for the visual creation of some important projects that were produced by the company. Also support the XHML+CSS development.


Company: InovaDigital – Sao Paulo/BR (March/2005 to November/2008)
Position: Webdesigner (2005), Art Director (2006), Project Manager (2008)

Acting since the founding of a company as web designer and responsible for all artwork creation as well as XHTML + CSS development. Recognized as Art Director and got the responsibility to approve all the visual pieces created by the company as well as the initial production of almost all of those pieces. As Project manager the responsibility for the quality of delivery, the risk management of projects and the coordinating a small team of developers and designers.


Company: Cliccaqui Punto Informatico – Rome/IT – (September/2004 – February/2005)
Position: Art Director

Responsible for visual creation of the majority of prints works and websites created by the
internet point in the center of Rome.


Company: Enterweb – Lisbon/PT (march/2002 at September/2004)
Position: Webdesigner

Responsible for visual creation of the majority of websites that the company had also produced the sites in html. In 2004 we started to investigate and better understand XHTML + CSS, Tableless, Rules of semantics, Webstandards and began to apply these techniques in our projects.

Company: Biograph Produções Sao Paulo/BR (November/1999 at January/2001)
Position: Art Assistant, Webdesigner (2000)

My first job, where I started to learn all the techniques of finishing and printing files. My position was art assistant responsible for producing CD covers, magazine layout and packaging creation for Revlon Brazil and many others. Later assumed the position of Web designer, then my role was to supply the demand for web creation to all our customers since the company was doing all the html layout to production, publication and maintenance. We created several CD-ROMS for corporate presentation, my involvement was in the production and animation files in Macromedia FLASH.

As a freelancer

As freelancer after a decade as an employee and acquiring lots of knowledge under several web agencies, freelancing was the option to free up time and as result that brought me discipline and responsibility.


Project:Tesb-Telefônica Institucional
Technologies: Photoshop, XHTML+CSS
URL: https://notfound.com.br/jobs/tesb/

Project: Sensus Cosméticos E-commerce
Technologies: Photoshop, XHTML+CSS, PHP, Magento
URL: /sensus-cosmeticos/

Project: FloraisBach
Technologies: Photoshop, XHTML+CSS, PHP, WordPress
URL: http://www.floraisbach.com.br/

Project: Carta Forense
Technologies: Photoshop, XHTML+CSS, PHP, WordPress
URL: https://notfound.com.br/carta-forense/

Project: JustShop E-commerce
Technologies: Photoshop, XHTML+CSS
URL: https://notfound.com.br/just-shop/

Project: Teleserv-Ite Institucional Site
Technologies: Photoshop, XHTML+CSS
URL: https://notfound.com.br/teleserv/

Project: Borbagato Motos
Technologies: Photoshop, Flash, XHTML+CSS
URL: https://notfound.com.br/borba-gato-motos/



University Ibirapuera
Ciências da Computação / 2000 – 2002
2 year of graduation – www.unib.br

Colégio Santa maria
Secondary School  / 1994 – 1997


References Sites